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Baby news!! The End of Summer - let knitting recommence!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

On the 15th of August my volunteer tester for the Cabana Blanket below was born - our new grand-daughter (number three), Imogen Nyree was born and she is just the cutest little girl ever and a very young Test Knit subject.

Imogen Nyree born August 15th, 2019

So I did manage to sew the trim and it will be all packed and ready along with a matching teddy bear when we head off to Australia to meet her at the end of October. Itching to get Imogen cuddles!

Cabana Blanket for Imogen Nyree

After what was otherwise a very quiet Summer, the Autumn is set to be quite a busy Season. The Swiss Jura Knit Retreat will finally happen next weekend from Friday September 6th to Sunday September 8th, although a few guests are arriving a day early to explore our wonderful Jurassic landscape. It is a year in the making and therefore I can't wait for it to begin!

Looking forward to creating the overall Inventory this weekend

I'm looking forward to the pop-up Yarn Market (Saturday, September 7) and the stock is gradually piling up in my spare room ready for inventory this weekend.

So exciting to have these Swiss and Irish yarn dyers, accessories and designers involved. It's a first time that such a Pop Up is organized in my region so I'm very looking forward to seeing how many people make the journey to La Ferriere / Chaux d'Abel and what will be their reaction to the yarns!

So on to the knitting!! Work in Progress has been very slow as I've been unwell these past 3/4 weeks with a mystery virus which has now been diagnosed as Epstein Barr / Mononucleosis which has for some reason reactivated in my body. Last time I had it I was 19 and I still remember how very sick I felt. For a while I totally lost my knitting mojo and couldn't bear the tactile feeling of yarn - very scary!!

I found some Bamboo/Cotton/Linen yarn in my stash and have been making very slow progress on the Enez Garo wrap by Anne Regourd. It's quite a meditative pattern - a 20 row repeat that's easy to follow - I'm using stitch markers as my concentration isn't so great at the moment. It has an interesting texture that will disappear when I block the lace but at the moment it is visually quite unusual! I want to take this wrap with me to Australia as it is light, airy and cool.

Also managed to finish my challenging "Canny Lass" project, meaning the last 20 x 13 lace row repeat on the deep lace edging. I had wanted to bring the finished project on holidays to Ireland with me in August but the virus put paid to that as I had to cancel the trip :(

Today I am finally finished weaving in all the ends - and it is currently soaking in a tepid bath before the next challenge - blocking a cap - I have never blocked a cape before. I think I will need my assistant (a.k.a. husband) to use his graphic and spatial abilities to suggest how to best use my blocking wires for this job!

"Canny Lass" - 297 rows of lace .... an exercise in concentration and patience

And that brings me to the end of this update .. I hope you are enjoying the blog and I would really love to get your comments and feedback - let's chat!!

A bientôt ! Until next time, mind yourselves and happy knitting xx

P.S. This blog will continue in English only as the translated version in French was not being accessed often enough to warrant continuing. If you are interested in a French version of any of the blogs going forward please contact me direct at and I'll be happy to help.

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